Given the requirement of funding bodies to draw up data management plans and publish research data openly, a working group of 'Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya' (CSUC) was created to establish a framework for universities to define a research data management strategy.
The group has defined the following roadmap:

(1) To agree procedures by which university libraries can create support services for researchers, including advice on the preparation of data management plans and the selection of the repository to deposit their data.
So far, each university has selected at least one research group that would like to develop a data management plan and a survey has been distributed to all principal investigators of research projects funded by the Horizon 2020 programme in order to determine their needs.

(2) To analyse the options available for the data management infrastructure: creating a local repository by adapting the publications repository, creating a specific data repository, developing a new data repository consortially, or using existing services, which could be thematic or general.

(3) To prepare a document with general principles for Catalan universities to establish a strategy regarding research data management and to adopt institutional policies on open access by default.

The group has produced the following documents to assist the researchers to create a data management plan and to select a research data repository: